Friday, July 11, 2014

Sole Hope Shoe Party

I had been thinking about what to do to celebrate Harper's first birthday for months. I wanted to do something, but had no idea what. Have a birthday party? Do something just the 3 of us? Then, I saw a blog post on Facebook about a Sole Hope shoe party, and thought that would be a great way to honor Harper, but to also give back. So, I ordered a party kit, and invited some friends. Not everyone could come, of course, but we ended up being a group of 8, and cut 40 pairs of shoes! We really had a great time just sitting around the table with busy hands, and talking. We all got to know each other better, and love on some Ugandan children from afar. 

Shoe patterns, old jeans for the outer part of the shoe, quilting cotton for the inners, and plastic folders for the heel supports

Pinking shears are not my favorite thing to cut with!

Each pair of shoes gets pinned together, and 5 pairs get put in each bag.

Sole Hope asks for a $10 donation for each pair of shoes, in order to pay the shoe makers in Uganda a fair wage.

The finished products, ready to go in the mail.

We cut out Toddler size 8 shoes, they were sent to Sole Hope's North Carolina office, and will be sent to Uganda from there. The shoes will help protect children from in and around Jinja from jiggers, sand fleas that burrow into their feet, lay eggs, and can make the kids incapable of walking, because of the pain. Sole Hope does foot washing clinics to remove the jiggers, and then provides the kids with a pair of shoes to help prevent re-infection. They also educate the Ugandan people on how to keep the jiggers out of their homes and schools. 

You can read more about Sole Hope here.